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The Lack of Fire and Heat Protective Army Dress & Light Weighted Dress

The basic fire related problems our Soldiers face in their day to day routine can be consolidated in the following Categories at large:
Uniform made up of less heat tolerant & Non Fire Proof Fabrics

Army Wearing our Fire Safety Suit

A very light weight Fire Safety Costume which can fight the fire 2X time more effeciently then other products.
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No proper solution available so far to Safeguard our Soldiers due to Fire Accidents, hence either they Die or get badly Injured.

Cause 1 Securefire

Official millitary grade dress materials are made of 30% Nylon & 70% Cotton, which is lesser efficient to tolerate the extreme heat & cold. Also it is not Fire Repellent.

Cause 2 Securefire

No full proof solution available as a Dress material to save the person from fire accidents.

Cause 3 Securefire

The Consequence

Composition of our material

Composition of Material Used

Outmost Layer

Middle Layers

Innermost Layer

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