Fire Blanket

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Fire Blanket

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Fire Blanket

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Fire Blanket

Blanket can be used for following purposes:
To extinguish small and initial fire
ii. During welding works
iii. As insulation
iv. During rescue operations to bring out the victims from the site of
fire to the safer location

To Extinguish small and initial fire:
This fire blanket is fire resistance and hence we can use it to extinguish the
fire, as they will work as a stopper of oxigen to reach the fire, hence would
cut off the oxygen supplyIn this way fire will be extinguish. It can be used
heavily in kitchen to work out in various dangerous situations to keep safe the
life of our loved ones and in many other locations in industries.During welding


                               During welding works
Welding splashes are the major problemetic area which can cause an any kind of
harm to any nearby person including the person working at this location. We can
cover the working area with these blanket so that the dangerous splashes of
molten iron may not reach to any nearby person. Hence it could be use here too.


  Insulation sheet
There are so many machines or mechanical parts whose temp is unbearable by human
body, there we need a proper insulation.  Secure Fire does have a wide
range of insulating materials to keep you safe from such thermal heat, ranges
from 50-1500 degree cent, for 30 minute duration upto your required level of
time duration.


Rescue operations
We can take help of these quality blankets to bring out the victims, who got
stuck in a building of fire. These blanket will be wrapped around them and could
easily be taken out by rescue team. These blanket will protect their body from
immense heat during fire hazard.


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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 157 × 54 × 168 cm


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