Our Vision

SecureFire Safety Industries is dedicated to remaining a progressive and innovative fire department that ensures a safe community through public education fire prevention, training, and service.


  • The population of the world is rapidly growing and our common life spaces are growing too.It is getting more important to prevent these  common spaces from one of the biggest disasaaters ,Fire . wE believe in using the latest technology and information with our dynamic staff. We are working with Specialist Engineers and qualified staff in our technical and commercial applications to reduce the fire risk to minimum in living spaces and industries ares.

Our main aim to give better service , manufacture highly qualified products  with our continuously evolvimg Research & Development.

  •  We strive to be the best.
  •  SecureFire Safety Industries will set the standard of excellence by honoring tradition, professionalism and customer service; we will also create leaders through training, education and strong ethical values.



Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguishers are necessary tools that must be present in every

property whether it is commercial in case an accidental fire breaks out.

An absence of which can lead to Disastrous fire leading to loss of life

and property. There are many types of fire extinguisher available in the

market that used to extinguish the particular type of fire with different

root causes.

Water Extinguisher::

These are used for class A fires that can be easily put out

by water. Avoid using it for the start with electricity.<More>

Water and Foam Extinguisher:

The Extinguisher can separate the oxygen element and cut

off the supply which ultimately extinguishes the fire.<More>


Carbon Dioxide:

These fire Extinguishers are used to extinguish the fire with a

cold discharge and are effective on fires started from electricity as well.<More>

                                                 Dry Chemical Extinguisher:

These Extinguishers are used to  put out the class A, class B

and class C fires.<More>

Using a correct fire extinguisher is important as fire can be accelerated and become bigger rather than getting extinguished if the wrong agents are used to put out the fire.


Sprinklers help in dissipating a hazardous situation by controlling the fire

before it increases its intensity and thus providing you a good amount of

escape   time, by reducing the strength of fire.<more>



Smoke detectors:

➔the ends of corridor and stairway basement should have smoke Detectors.

➔The batteries sometimes die and ensure that they are changed in time.

➔The smoke detectors should be installed on each floor of residential flats and buildings.

➔they must be checked frequently in case they have become detected. That would                                                                   render it useless in fire.<more>